Work package 1: Scientific Project Coordination


To encourage efficient interaction between the partners in order to achieve project objectives and implement the planned innovative interventions in a rational manner.


The scientific project coordination is to be done by UG-ICRH.  As the project coordinator, UG-ICRH will appoint an overall consortium coordinator, a consortium project manager and a consortium project administrator. Each of the six other consortium partners will appoint a project manager. The tasks and responsibilities of the consortium coordinator, the project managers and the project administrator are detailed in the document of Description of Work (DOW).

A Project Management Team (PMT) will be established at the onset of the project and act as the decision making and monitoring body on scientific and technical aspects of the research and they will monitor the performance of the consortium partnership, the timely achievement of milestones and deliverables, and the appropriate reporting to the European Commission (EC).

The PMT will appoint a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and approve the proposed composition of the Policy Advisory Boards (PAB) in China. An Ethical Advisory Board (EAB) will be established to closely monitor all ethical aspects of the project. A project website will be set up.

Leading partner & timeline

UG-ICRH (Partner 1) will lead Work Package 1 which will run for the whole period of the project (Months 1 till 48).


D1.1 Database Guidelines (deadline: Month 1 - Aug. 2012)


The expected outcome of WP1 is to have a rewarding and productive scientific collaboration between the seven consortium partners and to have a smooth roll-out of the project’s design.