Work Package 9: Project and consortium management


To ensure a smooth roll-out of the project, a timely reporting to the EC and a good communication between partners.


As project coordinator, UG-ICRH is responsible for the management of the project and the consortium. Before the start of the project, UG-ICRH will develop the consortium agreement that will stipulate the working modalities and responsibilities of the consortium partners. UG-ICRH will also develop other necessary tools and procedures for the project management, in order to ensure an sufficient and efficient communication among all consortium partners and with the EC. UG-ICRH will supervise the partners’ responsibilities regarding reporting and financial accountability.

UG-ICRH will ensure the contractual, legal and ethical management of the consortium by complying with the grant and consortium agreements and by monitoring the application of agreed procedures for project management, communication, coordination, decision-making, organisation of meetings and workshops, and operational procedures for timely and accurate reporting to the EC.

Leading partner & timeline

UG-ICRH (Partner 1) will lead Work Package 9 which will run for the whole period of the project (Months 1 till 48).


D9.1 Written guidelines on management and financial procedures (Month 1).

The expected outcome of WP9 is to have a smooth roll-out of the project and a timely reporting.