Work Package 8: Dissemination of the research progress and results


To ensure dissemination of the research progress and final results to health policy-makers at different levels of government, health managers and providers in China and beyond to the international scientific community.


From the start of the project, a communication strategy will be developed and implemented. Information on the concept, objectives and progress of the research project will be available and actively distributed on a regular basis. A project-specific website in two language settings will be designed for this purpose. Other ways to disseminate information including regular newsletters, posters and leaflets.

Both international national dissemination strategies will be discussed during the PMT meeting. Presentations of results at international conferences or scientific meetings will be encouraged, as well as the publication of the findings in international peer-reviewed journals.

Final research results, recommendations and lessons learned will be disseminated at different levels:

  • Policy-makers and decision makers in the health sector (Ministry of health, international health organizations)
  • Key stakeholders (health managers, abortion service providers and family planning workers); and
  • The (inter)national scientific community

Chinese researchers will be encouraged to develop papers as the first authors.  Senior researchers from European partners will be encouraged to spend adequate time on working in the study field and in Chinese institutions in order to enhance the capacity research towards each other. During the project, the Chinese partners will organise several dissemination/feedback seminars for policy and decision makers, health managers and health providers.

At the end of the project and international conference will be organised to disseminate the results at an international level. This conference will be organised by NRIFP and take place in China.

Leading partner & timeline

Work Package 8 will be led by UG-ICRH (Partner 1) and runs from month 1 to month 48.


D8.1  Project website (Month 4).

D8.2  Dissemination strategy available (Month 25).

D8.3  A report giving an overview of the content of the published scientific papers (Month 48).

The expected outcome of WP8 is the publication and dissemination of research progress and research results, not only to a scientific or technical audience but also to policymakers at district and national level in China, Europe and worldwide.