Work Package 7: Bridging the gap between research and policy


To develop and implement a strategy that aims to bridge the gap between research and health policy and decision making.


This work package corresponds with the fourth research phase (evaluation of the translation of research findings into policy). The project will establish a Policy Advisory Board (PAB) that will include political stakeholders (national and district level), scientific experts and health managers in China. They will be involved in the intervention design and will be informed about the study process and results. The PAB will meet at the beginning of the project and twice of each project year and will give advice on adequacy of the research to the health needs in China, dissemination and use of project results, ethical issues, and translation of research results into policy relevant recommendations.

The project consortium will keep on tracing the potential policy developments at national level, and judge whether these are coherent with the project’s findings. It will also be important to identify barriers to translating the research findings into policy; this could be done through discussion with policy makers.

Leading partner & timeline

Work Package 7 will be led by WCSUH (Partner 5) and runs from 1 to month 47.


D7.1 A list of potential barriers to research translation into action (Month 18).

D7.2 A list of recommendations on the way of knowledge translation from PAB (month 32).

D7.3 A strategy for translating knowledge into action (month 47).

The expected outcome of WP7 is to bridge in translation of the research results into policy relevant recommendations.