Work Package 5: Intervention implementation and monitoring


To implement and monitor the project interventions.


This work package corresponds with the third and the fourth research phase. The proposed interventions will be introduced. The research team will develop a methodology for implementation and monitoring of the interventions. The plan will include:

  • Organizing of training and quality control

Trainers from university hospitals will provide in-service training of PAFP services to abortion service providers at selected hospitals. The guidelines for health managers and service providers will be introduced. The technical support will be available during the whole project period. To ensure quality of training, a set of strategies will be developed, such as pre- and post- training tests and interactive communication between trainers and trainees during and after training sessions.

  • Supervision and monitoring of implementation

The plan of supervision and monitoring will be developed. Based on generated knowledge from the critical review and situation analysis (WP2 and WP3).

  • A set of indicators will be selected for monitoring which will focus on inputs, processes and outputs of the implementation. These indicators will be standardized in order to enable comparison of implementation across study sites (under WP6).
  • One project supervisor of each division (a total of 30 supervisors in 30 divisions/provinces) will be designated and be responsible for monitoring the implementation, bridging effective communication between local operational staffs and the researchers.
  • Field visits will also be conducted by WP leader (Partner 2) and project coordinator (Partner 1, UG-ICRH). Every 3 months a brief monitoring report and field visit report will be compiled and submitted to the consortium coordinator.

Based on the findings of these reports, implementation plans may be adapted to enhance the implementation process.

Leading partner & timeline

CMA-CSFP team (Partner 2) will lead this Work Package with support from FU, NRIFP and WCSUH (Partner 3, 4 and 5), WP5 will start from project month 18 till month 31.


D5.1 Interventions implementation plan (Month19).

D5.2 Mid-term report on the intervention implementation & monitoring (Month 28).

The expected outcome of WP5 is to have a smooth implementation of the interventions at study sites.