Work Package 2: Critical review of China’s policy and practice of family planning


To review China FP policy and practice and international lessons in regard to integrate PAFP into existing health system.


This work package is part of the first research phase. A detailed review protocol will be developed, and the review will be carried out in 2 parte (review at 4 levels: 3 levels in part 1, 1 level in par 2):

The first part will analyse the impact of FP policy on the utilization and provision of FP services in China:

  1. FP policy, policy development and its implications
  2. coverage of FP and PAFP with special concern on the impact of social and culture factors on access to services
  3. determinants of health system for providing high quality FP. Results of this part will show to what extent policies in China are in line with internationally adopted standards, such as World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and guidelines.

The second part of this review will summarize the effects and lessons of integrating PAFP into existing health systems in developed and other developing countries.

Leading partner & timeline

FU team (Partner 3) will lead this Work Package, start from project month1 till month 6 in the first project year.


D2.1 Review report (deadline: Month6 - Jan.2013)

The expected outcome of WP2 is a comprehensive contextual review combined with the analysis of strengths and barriers to integrate PAFP into existing health system in other countries.