Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of the UG-ICRH project manager (as observer) and of 9 external senior researchers including one health systems expert. This board will work completely independent.


  • Guide the research directions (research strategy and methodology)
  • Monitor the progress of the project and the scientific output
  • Discuss research questions and other issues (ethical, political, etc.) occurring in the course of the project
  • Give advice on the dissemination and the (political) use of the project results
  • Link the research results to the lead-users (policy-makers, health managers, healthcare provider, etc.) and end-users (consumers, citizens)  
  • Ensure translation of the research projects into policy-relevant strategies

More specifically the SAB will advise on the methodology used to conduct the situation analysis, the intervention design, and the evaluation of the intervention. The board will be involved in the discussion of the research results and provide advice on the dissemination of these results, including reviewing scientific articles resulting from this research.

Meetings: The SAB face-to-face meeting will take place once during the four years lifecycle of the project. Individual consultations with SAB will be used where it need.