Policy Advisory Board

The Policy Advisory Board (PAB) consists of 11 members resident in China and with important policy-making roles in the Chinese health sector: the 4 Chinese consortium partners, 3 representatives of the hospitals participating in the project (1 for each region), and 4 external policy advisors (to be selected). The Ministry of Health has expressed its interest in this research project and its willingness to contribute to the Policy Advisory Board.

The PAB will be responsible for:

  • Give advice on the (political) use and policy- relevance of the project results
  • Give advice on the dissemination of the project results to a broad audience of health providers and managers
  • Link the research results to the lead-users (policy-makers, health managers, healthcare providers, etc.) and end-users (consumers, citizens)

Meetings: PAB meetings will take place every 6 months, or upon invitation by the PMT.