Intervention monitoring visit in Fujian, China

Project leader Prof. Weihong Zhang, together with national coordinator Prof. Yan Che and provincial coordinator Prof. Xiujuan Chen, visited MCH of Fujian Province, MCH of Longyan City and General Hospital of Fujian Province – the three project hospitals in Fujian province during April 26-27, 2016.

Fujian Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital received the certificate of participating INPAC Project


Hospital coordinator and investigator introduced progress of women’s recruitment and follow-up at each site. Data entry was the focus of this visit. Prof. Yan Che discussed with site investigator about problems identified by data check program. Since MCH of Longyan City was allocated into control group, Dr Liying Zeng, site coordinator of the hospital, expressed intention of using INPAC intervention materials to improve quality of post-abortion care after completion of the project. Prof. Weihong Zhang introduced upcoming work of the project and encouraged site investigators joining survey on service providers and contributing to INPAC book by telling their feelings on INPAC.


Fujian Provincial Hospital received the certificate of participating INPAC Project