Project Consortium

The INPAC consortium consists of 7 partners as listed below:

  • P1-International Centre of Reproductive Health, Ghent University (UG-ICRH), Belgium
  • P2-Chinese Society of Family Planning - Chinese Medical Association (CMA-CSFP), China
  • P3-Fudan University (FU), China
  • P4-National Research Institute for Family Planning (NRIFP), China
  • P5-West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University (WCSUH), China
  • P6-University of Aarhus - Danish Epidemiology Science Centre (AU-DESC), Denmark
  • P7-Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), United kingdom

The International Centre for Reproductive Health of Ghent University (UG-ICRH) is the overall research coordinator of INPAC project.

The INPAC project will be managed, directed and advised by the following bodies:

  • The Project Management Team (PMT) will be the executive and decision-making body for the administrative and technical management and coordination of the research project;
  • The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will give external advice related to the scientific and technical development of the research project;
  • The Ethical Advisory Board (EAB) will deal with all ethical issues and measures; and
  • The Policy Advisory Board (PAB) will advise the team so that the policy implications and relevance of the research results will be maximized and disseminated.


The figure shows the relations between the different consortium partners and the three project bodies.