INPAC project was developed based on the positive findings of an UG-ICRH coordinated EC FP6 project – “Post Abortion Family Planning” (PAFP) in China. The study shows that there is a need of an optimum package of post-abortion family planning services into China’s existing abortion service.

The INPAC project aims to assess the effectiveness of providing continuous  PAFP care and services and its feasibility. To this end, INPAC project will first conduct a baseline survey of situation analysis on the current FP policy and practice in China. Based on the findings of situation analysis, a project specific interventions will be developed and will be implemented in 30 divisions of mainland China. Finally, the effectiveness of the intervention will be evaluated.

The project will contribute to standardize the post-abortion family planning services and decrease the long-term costs related to abortion in China.

From the onset of the research process, the project consortium will strongly promote the participation and involvement of China’s national policy makers and local decision makers in the research project in order to bridge the gap between research and health policy and to encourage and facilitate the implementation of PAFP in China in the near future.